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Anya The Amazing Scoops Monthly Award!!

The u11 Whitehaven AFC Lionesses sponsored by High Grange Developments had their first winner of the monthly awards this evening. The award can recognise a number of things including being the star player of the month, maybe the kindest and most polite girl or caring girl, or someone who has raised their game and challenged themselves.

This for the first month was really tough pick as the coaching team have been in love with how every girl had really pushed themselves this first month.

However the coaches settled on a girl we think had not just been super brave and challenged themselves but actually become really strong in what she had challenged herself doing. The coaches are really lucky with the girls as loads of them are super brave and will go in goal, well over half the team which is really good as they all understand the importance of it.

The girl who won the award is another fine example of a player showing huge bravery which to be fair to her started at the back end of last season. She hasn’t just took goalkeeping on as something to do but she has really listened to the coaches in what we asking of her, she is really brave and she is week by week becoming more agile (like a ninja cat), along with her decision making when distributing the ball and trying to play out from the back when she can and mixing it up when she has to, her long kicks are superb.

The coaches have asked her not to just always push the ball away, but asked her catch it where she can and her grip is really good and how she sets herself to catch it is really good.

As coaches we are more delighted with her than she probably realises, turning into an absolute superstar ‘The Amazing Anya Brannon’ Well done really well deserved in probably one of the coaches hardest ever picks.

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