My name is Bill Robson Snr and it has been my pleasure to be your Club President since 1994. I have been involved in football since the 1940's having experience professional and grassroots football, I have seen enormous change over the years.

It is hard to express the enjoyment and benefits football can provide and I have so many memories. I played for Workington Reds 130 times, scoring 55 goals. A highlight was scoring 2 in a 4-1 win against Blackpool, a side that included the great Stanley Matthews.

I also had the honour to Captain the Commonwealth Army in Korea whilst on service with the Kings Own Regiment. 

I was lucky enough to pay against the busby babes in their last game before the Munich air crash, and had the pleasure of being coached and managed by Sir Matt Busby, a true football legend. All this because I loved to have a football at my feet.


However, nothing matches the pleasure and enjoyment I have found in being part of the roller coaster ride of involvement with Whitehaven Amateurs Football Club.

If your priority is to win at all costs, then we are not the club for you. We all like to win, there's no doubt about it but a good community football club will give you more than that. We started out with nothing more than optimism, and now I look around at one of the best Amateur Football facilities in the county. This hasn't come about because we have more players than anybody else. I believe it's because we have more passion and commitment than anyone else and don't lose our belief in what we are doing, not just for now but for future generations to come.

As well as the opportunity to train and play, involvement with club can bring so much more than that. As we have grown we have built links with other community groups, schools, and professional organisations. We provide volunteer opportunities for our young players through the Young Leader programme and several young players now referee in the West Cumbria Youth League. Involement isn't just about playing, it's about supporting roles and helping to maintain what we have built. So Please get involved, what ever time you can commit to, is gratefully received.

Personally, I have watched my son, my grandson, two of my granddaughters, and now my great granddaughter play. It is amazing to see players from out first junior team in the early 90's coaching and bringing their own children down, and in some cases still playing adult football. 

So I welcome you you to our Club and wish you all the best in your time here at Whitehaven Amateurs Football Club.

Bill Robson


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