Lionesses March Player Of The Month Awards Revealed!!

April 28, 2018

The Magnificent March Player of the Month Awards Winners for the Young Lionesses were announced this week and some great winners from the age groups and we really proud of them all.


Sydney Smith - u8 Player of the Month Winner


Sydney was a worthy winner from the u8s this month, to be fair to Sydney she has been in contention to win the award every month, but the coaches have been so impressed with her attitude and the way she is developing we knew she was building more and more to a month where she would be at an amazing level and would be the only possible girl to chose.


In March this was the case, she has been outstanding wherever she plays in the team. As with all the teams at the younger ages we rotate positions to allow them to receive the ball from different angles, face new challenges, see the game from different views and to test themselves sometimes in positions they not 100% comfortable with. Sydney really embraces this and is always happy to play wherever she is put and she always makes that position look like one she's played forever. Sydney is a really strong tackler and its very rare she misses a 1v1 and if she does she will always run back to recover. She is developing a good touch on the ball and her head is coming up more and more as the weeks go past which is allowing her to become better in other areas of her game, from tackling, to good runs with the ball to scoring some very nice goals.


Sydney isn't just a good footballer though, she is a really good young girl, a true Lioness who always smiles and wants to have fun at training. She mixes really well with all her team mates and her coaches find coaching her extremely easy and she wants to have a laugh but at the same time she wants to get better. Well done Superstar, keep it up, your doing brilliant.


U8 Winner Sydney Smith


Caitlin Routledge - U9 Player of the Month Winner


The winner for the u9s was the Pocket Rocket that is Caitlin Routledge, who has in a short space of time went from a relatively new girl to football to becoming one of the best all round players in her team. As with most of the new players to the teams, especially in the teams in the bottom age of the double age band, Caitlin started out as a counter attacker (Defender), as at the younger age the teams will tend to come under more pressure so this is ideal for touches on the ball and 1v1 development. It also allows the girls if they are clever to see what's happening in front of them and appreciate how important being a Counter Attacker is.


Caitlin has really proved she is a clever player and wants to learn and she has worked really hard both in training and matches to improve all aspects of her game and make her a very well rounded player which has now led to her being much more than a Counter Attacker. Caitlin has recently been playing in a more advanced role, whether it be on the wing or in the middle of midfield, this has allowed her to show off her great dribbling skills, plus net some good goals in training and games. Caitlin never seems to tire and wants the ball at her feet and she has developed good understanding with her team mates which has allowed her to show off good passes both short and long.


The coaches have been so delighted with her she has been made Captain for the WCYL League Cup Campaign, she hates missing any training sessions or matches and just seems to love football massively. She is a joy to coach and her personality as well as her football ability puts her as one of the top players in the club.


U9 Winner Caitlin Routledge


Lauren Glynn - U10 Yellows Player of the Month Winner


What can you say about Lauren, well if you had to sum her up in words, then things like Brave, Kind, Polite, Team Player, Honest, Dedicated all spring to mind. She 100% embodies everything it is to be a Lioness, outdoors she usually plays as a Counter Attacker and wins the ball very well and has learned to dribble it or pass it out rather than just boot it which we don't want to do as a team. Indoors she is a formidable striker and is a constant threat, she can win the ball very well and likes a shot on goal, leading to some nice goals for her.


However, the biggest reason she has won the award for March and really even before that, is she has took it upon herself to become the team Goalkeeper, which can be a thankless task, and she has had to overcome some difficult moments as a goalkeeper, where others who maybe aren't as strong in the head would've gave up on. Not Lauren though, yeah her confidence has been knocked at times, but this girl has great bouncebackability and she has grew to become an even better goalkeeper because she has threw herself back in. This has meant all her team mates massively respect her and want her to do well and her coaches all think hugely of her and her bravery. She's learning week on week where to stand, to get her hands on the ball and her distribution is getting better, all in all she should be very proud of herself and really enjoy the award as she is 100% a worthy winner.


U10 Yellows Winner Lauren Glynn


Angel Dockerty - U10 Blues Player of the Month Winner


Angel is the youngest member of the team, she is the only player allowed to play 1yr up due to being a really talented player. Angel had to play catch up at the start of the season as because she couldn't move up with the team last year into a double age band as that would mean she'd of played up 2yrs. So 7v7 was a big change to 5v5 where she dominated lots of matches, and now had to learn positions more. However Angel is football crazy and has a great attitude and wants to always be the best she can be. A rare left footed player, she provided great balance to the side when she joined and her enthusiasm to win the ball and then set off attacks down the wing and cross balls really showed her team mates her quality.


In Futsal recently she was electric playing some great football and being class in goal in the final, which is where she played to begin with in the original u8s team. She will play lots of positions and is one of the cleverest Counter Attackers in the team and know when its time to push forward and when to drop back which is something she's added to her ability this season.


The coaches love her attitude and how well she has done this year, becoming one of the strongest players in the u10s even though she a year younger and it'll be hard losing her again next year to drop back down again, but as last time we know she'll develop more again and add real quality to the current u9s and will have more friends again, we really feel this player can achieve so much as a footballer but first and foremost it is her character and personality which is the real strength she has, well done again Angel, proper player.



 U10 Blues Winner Angel Dockerty


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